About Us

Our Journey

Cake Delights Bakery is a Muslim owned halal bakery that was found in 2014. We are a family business that is run by two sisters. We focus in providing best quality cakes & desserts using premium ingredients. We also specialised in making beautiful customised engagement & wedding cakes. We are extremely grateful for the unwavering support from family, friends & clients we had throughout the years that has brought to where we are here today. All praises to the one & only. Alhamdulillah.

Our Style

Modern & Chic

With almost 10 years of experience in the baking line we came to understand that we have to create an identity of our bakes. Thus we have narrowed down to what our baking & design style has turned to become over the years. We like to create modern buttercream cakes (so that means no fondant here). Not just beautifully elegant cakes but we create bakes that are feminine & inspired. With that in mind, do feel free to send us an enquiry & we look forward to creating a beautiful piece of work.