Frequently Asked Question


Are we Halal?
Yes! We are a Muslim owned bakery explaining that we only use all halal products for our bakes.
Do you use halal Nutella?
Yes we do!
May I know the cupcakes size you offer?

Standard Cupcake

Height: 3.5CM
Top Diameter: 5.5CM
Bottom Diameter: 5CM

Mini Cupcake

Height: 2.7CM
Top Diameter: 4.7CM
Bottom Diameter: 4CM

Fondant Cupcakes

Height: 4CM
Top Diameter: 6.5CM
Bottom Diameter: 5CM

Know more about our cupcakes here!

Can I customized a cake to my preference?
Yes you sure can. Send us a picture of the design of cake you are looking for and receive a customized quotation.
How long can I leave the cakes in room temperature?
We highly recommend to refrain leaving your cakes in room temperature for long hours. Buttercream cakes can be left in room temperature for an average of an hour. Dairy creamed cakes can be left in room temperature for 30 minutes. If you are unsure of what type of category your cakes fit in, don’t hesitate to contact us.  
By when should I consume my cake?
Definitely consuming on the very day is recommended. However, you may store your cakes well-kept for 2 days
How can I store my leftovers?
You may cut up your cakes and store them in the fridge in an air tight container and it will still taste as fresh! Another alternate would be putting the cake back in the cake box and tightly cling wrap the cake box using a cling film and put the cake box in the fridge. Do remember to thaw the cake to room temperature for at least 20 minutes before consuming.
Do you provide cake tastings?
Unfortunately we don’t. We only provide cake tasting for customer who are looking for wedding cakes in subject of only what’s available.


What’s the lead time to place an order for customized cake?
We have ready-made custom cakes available here, which requires 3-4 days in advance. However customers who email us for special customized cake require at least 1-2 weeks in advance depending on your maximum customization.
Can I still place an urgent order even though the order calendar is unable to?
Yes sure you can. Just drop us an email on when and what kind of cake you will need. However, we can’t promise that we are able to accept your urgent order as we have to check our slot availability.
Do I need to come down to place order?
Not necessary. Customers can confirm their order via our website/email. However, customers who prefer coming down to confirm your order please ensure that you have fix an appointment with us. 


Can I self-collect my cakes earlier from the time stated in the calendar?
Unfortunately it’s not possible. As we only operate by appointment 
Can I collect my cakes from Taxi/Uber?
Unfortunately that won’t be possible. Our staffs will only pack the cake upon customer’s arrival as we want customers to ensure that their cakes are received in good condition. Hence, this procedure takes 5-10minutes.


Do you deliver to hotels?
Yes we do, however, we need customers to receive the cakes from the lobby. Customer will be contacted upon the arrival of the delivery.
Can I change my delivery?
We can’t promise our customers that it’s certain that you can change.
Do you deliver to Sentosa?
Please note that we do not deliver to Sentosa & Jurong Island. 

If you have any other enquries please do not hesitate to drop us an email here